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Exterior Home Repair: DIY Tips and Step-By-Step Guides

This section covers many important exterior home repair topics. Get information and how-to guidance on gutters, siding, painting, roofing, and more.

How to Repair an Aluminum Frame Screen Door
Tutorial explains how to easily repair a screen door with professional results.

How to Paint Vinyl Siding
Yes you can paint vinyl siding if you follow specific instructions and use specific paint. This tutorial explains how to paint vinyl siding.

EPA Lead Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule
This article describes the 2008 EPA RRP Rule (Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule) for lead paint removal.

Preventing Ice Dams: Prefabricated Soffit Insulation Baffles
Describes soffit insulation baffles and their role in preventing ice dams.

Top 10 Exterior Home Repair Tutorials
Learn how to perform the top exterior home repairs for Spring such as lawn care, gutter cleaning, screen repair, painting and deck refinishing to name a few, and get your home ready for the warm weather and entertaining.

Gutter Cleaning Leaf Removal Tools
Tips for different gutter cleaning tools

Ice Dam - Repair of Ice Dams
This tutorial describes ice dams, how an ice dam is formed, how to prevent ice dams and methods of battling an ice dam before winter and during winter.

Camouflage Vinyl Siding
Describes a new product by Style Crest, Inc. providing a Mossy Oak® camouflage look to vinyl siding.

Exterior House Siding and Repair Tutorials
The exterior material of your house, whether siding (framed construction) or masonry (brick veneer construction) needs care and maintenance to ensure its beauty and functional integrity. Your house has many options for its siding material such as vinyl siding, wood siding, cement fiber siding, aluminum siding and brick veneer being some of the...

Possible Exterior Causes of a Wet Basement
This tutorial describes various exterior causes of a wet basement or foundation. Not all basement waterproofing is required as a solution to a wet basement. Many times the cause of the problem is right at the corner of your house. Read on to learn how.

How to Measure a Cubic Foot of Concrete
Describes how to measure a cubic foot and cubic yard of concrete and how surface area is affected by depth of the concrete slab.

Top 9 Tutorials for Yard & Home Exterior
Common home exterior, deck and yard maintenance tutorials.

Screen Repair - Wood Frame
Describes technique for repairing screen in a wood frame.

Screen Repair - Metal Frame
Describes technique for repairing screen in a metal frame

Call 811 Before You Dig
New national phone number, 811 was established by the FCC to help protect consumers and our underground utility infrastructure.

Repairing Damaged Vinyl Siding
Step by step tutorial on how to replace or patch a damaged section of vinyl siding.

How to Use a Zip Tool - Vinyl Siding Removal Tool
Overview of how to use a vinyl siding removal hand tool commonly known as a zip tool.

Types of Home Siding Materials
Describes various siding materials for the home including vinyl, aluminum, cement fiber, wood

Easy Home Winterizing Checklist
Fall checklist for getting your home ready for winter

Top 10 Most Common House Paint Problems and How to Fix Them
Tutorial describes the top 10 most common paint problems found around the home, their cause and how to fix them.

Inspection Checklist for Home Repair
This is a handy checklist for seasonal inspection for your home including roofing.

Exterior Paint Preparation
The most important step in painting your home does not involve a paintbrush but rather paint scraping tools. Learn how to prepare your home's exterior surface for painting.

Painting Must Reads
Tutorials and tips on paint, painting, brush usage and more.

How to Replace a Damaged Brick
Brick replacement can be done by a homeowner under certain conditions. Learn when a brick can be replaced and how to do it yourself.

How to Tuckpoint Mortar Joints in a Brick Wall
Maintaining mortar joints in a brick wall is essential to keep water out of the wall and prevent brick failure. Learn how to maintain the mortar joints in a brick wall with a technique called tuckpointing.

Cleaning Gutters and Downspouts
This tutorial guides you through the proper way to clean gutters and downspouts with some helpful hints along the way.

Exterior Paint Repair on Historic Homes
This detailed technical brief includes describes how to identify and treat exterior paint problems on historic homes, and was prepared under the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 by the United States Park Service.

Vinyl Siding: What You Need to Know
Vinyl siding is a popular exterior home material with a love-hate relationship among many homeowners. In this article About.com Architecture Guide Jackie Craven discusses what you need to know about this siding material including durability and maintenance.

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