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Camouflage Vinyl Siding


A New "Green" Vinyl Siding: Mossy Oak Camouflage Vinyl Siding
Camouflage Vinyl Siding

Camouflage Vinyl Siding by Style Crest, Inc. in a Mossy Oak® pattern

Vinyl Siding Goes Green
Vinyl siding has long been criticized for being an unnatural or fake looking siding material. Given some of the siding colors not found in nature that vinyl came in, it was a criticism somewhat deserved.

However vinyl siding now has a green look! A newer product introduced by Style Crest, Inc. provides a Mossy Oak® camouflage look to vinyl siding. The product is called WildSide Camo Siding and is designed for applications where the design calls for the building to blend into the woods or forest. Whether you are looking for a siding material for your shed, garage or hunting blind or cabin in the woods, this product may be of interest.

The siding accomplishes the camo look by using a KYNAR® PVDF film finish providing the Mossy Oak Camouflage look and providing good color protection.

Although this camo siding is not for everyone or every application, it does provide a great green look alternative to the old vinyl siding "colors not found in nature" problem.

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