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Types of House Siding - Home Siding Overview


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Types of House Siding - Introduction to Home Siding
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Home Siding Choices Vary Widely

House Siding
Few home improvements or repairs can improve the appearance, curb appeal and value of your house like new house siding. House siding materials have varied over the years and have included:
  • wood siding,
  • asbestos siding,
  • aluminum siding,
  • vinyl siding,
  • hardboard composite,
  • fiberglass,
  • cement fiber siding.
Asbestos siding is not used any more and fiberglass and hardboard composite siding have been largely replaced with more modern siding like vinyl and cement fiber siding.

So let's take a look at wood, aluminum, vinyl siding and cement fiber as possible siding choices and learn about them including their features, pricing and maintenance implications.

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