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Aluminum Siding

Aluminum Siding
With the maintenance associated with wood siding came the desire for an alternative. Aluminum siding fit the bill and has evolved over the years into a very low maintenance and popular siding choice for newer homes.

Aluminum siding comes in strips and has perforated holes at the top for fastening into the exterior wall and interlocking flanges top and bottom to seal against weather.


  • Comes in a broad range of styles including horizontal, vertical panels and broad array of prefinished colors (sometimes this is not a good thing...)
  • Available in a variety of textures including wood shake/shingle style.
  • Common retrofit siding and has often, unfortunately, been applied over wood siding in many home "improvement" projects where maintenance won out over aesthetics or the wood siding was severely damaged.
  • Durable material but prefinished painted finishes have been known to fade, chalk and runoff onto brick walls often below the siding.
  • Newer vinyl coated finishes are available and alleviate past paint problems.
  • Prone to denting and being noisy.
  • Aluminum lacks the ability for detailed trim work.
  • Generally moderate in price.
  • Vinyl or plastic coated aluminum is expensive.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Plastic / vinyl clad aluminum siding can obtain 35 year warranty.
  • Standard pre-painted aluminum siding prone to chalking.
  • Denting is a common problem with aluminum siding.

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