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How to Inspect a Standing Pilot Light in a Gas Furnace


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Introduction: Inspecting a Pilot Light in a Gas Furnace
pilot light and thermocouple assembly

Furnace pilot light and thermocouple

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The pilot light (standing pilot) and thermocouple in your gas furnace work together as a team to control gas flow and ignition of your furnace’s burners. The pilot light’s purpose is to serve as a small ignition flame for the gas burner. The thermocouple It is the electronic device that senses if the pilot flame is hot enough to ignite natural gas or propane fuel to the burner.

The pilot light should be kept clean burning and properly adjusted for energy efficiency and extended furnace life. You should check the standing pilot light before each heating season for proper air and fuel mixture and flame color. This tutorial will describe how to inspect and repair or adjust your standing pilot light for best furnace operation.

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