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Troubleshooting a Hot Water Boiler - Gas Fired Boiler Repair


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PROBLEM: Poor Heating Performance
Troubleshooting a Hot Water Boiler - Gas Fired Boiler Repair

Boiler Tridicator (combo temperature / pressure gage)

PROBLEM: Poor Heating Performance

Possible Causes

  • Sudden Change: Improper water level
  • Gradual Change: Mineral deposits in boiler and heat exchanger
Possible Repairs
  • Check reading of the Tridicator (combination pressure / temperature gage). If water pressure is low (below 12 psi) the system needs to have water added. The boiler's automatic filling system using the pressure relief valve should maintain proper water level by maintaining a 12-15 psi pressure. If you do not have a pressure reducing valve you can also manually feed the boiler by opening up the water feed valve until boiler pressure reaches 12 psi.
  • If problem arose gradually then the cause may be due to deposits in the system. Flush the boiler or call a service technician for this task.
  • Expansion tank may have too much or too little water. It must be properly charged with air to prevent boiling. See the next section for more detailed review of the expansion tank.

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