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Get Comfortable With These Heating and Cooling Tips


Your home’s heating and cooling systems involve several appliances and devices that all must work together. To diagnose and repair any heating and cooling appliance you need to understand how they work and interrelate. These resources will explain it all so you can make many repairs yourself.
  1. Furnace Ignition Systems
  2. Thermostats
  3. Cool Air Conditioning Tips
  4. Furnaces and Boilers

Furnace Ignition Systems

"Help! My pilot light is out!" No longer will you fear this situation on a cold Winter Saturday night. I explain what you need to know about furnace ignition very simply and clearly. You'll easily learn how to get your furnace ignition system up and running so you're never out in the cold again!


Your home heating and cooling systems are controlled by a small but important device known as a thermostat. They come in all sorts of models depending what heating or cooling equipment they control. These tutorials will explain all you need to know to keep your systems running smoothly.

Cool Air Conditioning Tips

Stay cool and comfortable in the Summer with these air conditioning and heat pump tips. Whether you have a window mounted room air conditioner or a whole house unit, these tutorials will keep them running all Summer long.

Furnaces and Boilers

Home heating usually occurs with one of these two systems. I've assembled the must-read tutorials you need for maintaining your heating system whether its forced air, hydronic, gas or oil. These tutorials are easy to read and understand and come with lots of helpful diagrams and photos.

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