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Interior Home Repair: DIY Tips and Step-By-Step Guides

Tips and DIY tutorials for interior home repair.
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How to Install Ceramic Subway Wall Tiles as a Kitchen Backsplash
This tutorial provides you with photo rich step-by-step instructions and tips on how to install 2" x 4" ceramic subway tiles as a kitchen backsplash in preparation for final grouting.

How to Grout Ceramic Wall Tile
This tutorial provides you with photo rich instructions and tips on how to grout 2" x 4" ceramic subway tiles as a kitchen backsplash.

How to Cut Ceramic Tile with a Snap Tile Cutter
This tutorial shows you how to easily cut ceramic tile up to 3/8" thick using an inexpensive snap tile cutter.

How to Cut Ceramic Tile with a Hand Tile Snipper
Learn to easily make accurate cuts in ceramic tile using a hand cutting tool called a tile nipper or tile snips by following this tutorial consisting of easy to follow photographs and instructions.

Tighten a Loose Lever Doorknob (with hidden or no screws)
This tutorial shows you how to tighten a lever doorknob having hidden or no screws.

Choosing the Right Type of Door Knob and Lock Set
This tutorial describes the different types of door knobs and lock set mechanisms and how to select the correct type.

Top 10 Interior Home Repair Tips for Home Sellers
Article describing Top 10 Interior Home Repair Tips for Home Sellers by author by Bob Formisano

Styles of Residential Carpet
Tutorial describes the various common styles of residential carpet including variations of Friezé, cut pile and loop piles.

Types of Carpet Fibers
Introduction to carpet fiber types including nylon, wool, olefin, acrylic and polyester.

Wall Shelf Installation – How to Install a Wall Shelf
Step by step tutorial with detailed photos on how to install a wall shelf in your home

EPA Lead Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule
This article describes the 2008 EPA RRP Rule (Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule) for lead paint removal.

Curved Shower Rod Installation
Describes how to install a curved bathroom shower rod.

Vinyl Bathroom Flooring Options
Tutorial describes various types of vinyl bathroom flooring including plank, tile and sheet rolled flooring.

Engineered Wood Flooring Installation 101
Describes how prefinished engineered wood flooring is constructed and provides an installation overview of floating and non-floating engineered wood floor systems.

How to Fix a Loose Doorknob (with set screw)
This tutorial shows you how to fix a doorknob fastened with set screws that seems to continually loosen. It describes how to increase the holding power of the set screws.

Bathroom Flooring - Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring
Describes resilient flooring options like sheet vinyl and tile, cork and linoleum for use as bathroom flooring, kitchen floor and uses in other rooms. Includes floor installation difficulty, flooring installation method, flooring characteristics and construction.

Vinyl Plank Flooring - Allure Resilient Flooring
Describes the vinyl plank resilient flooring system including the product known as TrafficMaster Allure™ as sold by Home Depot.

Linoleum Plank Flooring - Resilient Linoleum Floating Floor
Describes the resilient linoleum flooring system using a panel or plank floating floor, including the product known as Marmoleum Click™ as manufactured by Forbo Flooring Systems.

Cork Plank Flooring - Resilient Cork Flooring
Describes a resilient cork flooring option called a panel or plank flooring system which uses interlocking panels to create a floating floor.

Cork Flooring Tile (glue-down)
Describes resilient cork flooring in a glue-down tile application.

Vinyl Tile Flooring - Resilient Vinyl Tile Flooring
Describes a resilient vinyl flooring system using self stick tiles as may be used in the bathroom or kitchen.

Vinyl Tile Floor - Resilient Vinyl Tile Floor (glue down)
Describes resilient vinyl tile flooring in a glue-down application such as used in the bathroom or kitchen.

Linoleum Tile Flooring - Resilient Linoleum Tile Flooring
Describes the glue-down resilient linoleum tile flooring system including the product known as Marmoleum as manufactured by Forbo Flooring Systems.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring - Resilient Sheet Vinyl Flooring
Describes resilient sheet vinyl flooring (rolled goods) using loose lay or glue down installation method such as used in the bathroom or kitchen.

Sheet Linoleum Flooring - Resilient Sheet Linoleum Flooring
Describes the glue-down sheet linoleum resilient flooring system including the product known as Marmoleum as manufactured by Forbo Flooring Systems.

Buying the Right Paint
One of the most common and effective home upgrades is a fresh coat of paint. Whether its painting after patching a hole in the wall or if you just want to freshen up the home, paint is an essential material to understand. Read this overview of paint and what to know before you buy.

Recommended Shelf Spans and Spacing
Describes recommended spans of shelf supports for various shelving materials and shelf heights for different print and digital media.

Drywall Repair - Tips for Repairing Drywall
Tutorial describing tips for minor drywall repair and major drywall repair.

Paint Disposal and Recycling
This tutorial describes ways to reuse, recycle or dispose of latex and oil based paints, paint cans and solvents.

Ceramic Wall Paint Manufacturers
This article provides contact information on ceramic wall paint manufacturers.

Nails 101 - Nail Sizes and Types Around the Home
This tutorial describes the most common types of nails you will encounter and describes their use. Described are nail types including cut, common, box, annular ring, masonry, brad, finish, casing, roofing and duplex. An overview of nail sizing and terminology is also provided.

How to Remove a Popcorn Textured Ceiling
Describes the risks and process needed for removal of a popcorn textured ceiling.

Drywall Introduction
This tutorial provides an overview to the most common types of drywall (gypsum wall board) used in home repair and renovation.

Caulk Removal Made Easy
Tips for easy removal of dried latex or silicone caulk from your tub or sink.

How To Remove Rust Stains From Toilets and Sinks
Removing unsightly rust and other stains from porcelain in toilets and sinks can be difficult. This tutorial will guide you through several ways to make this repair.

Before You Buy a Stud Finder
Describes things you should know before buying an electronic or manual stud finder.

Extending the Life of Wood Putty or Spackling Compound
Tip on how to make wood putty or spackling last longer

Choosing the Right Nail for the Job
Choosing nails depends on what type of work you’re doing, and it’s important to know a little bit about them before you head to the hardware store.

Wall Anchors - How to Fasten Objects to a Wall
Description of different types of wall fasteners and their use

Screw Extractor - How to Remove a Broken Screw
Describes how screw extractor works and how to extract a broken screw

Cork Flooring - Floating
This tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of cork flooring, what cork is, how the cork floor is constructed, its benefits, maintenance tips and other information you want to know.

Solid and Engineered Wood Flooring
Describes solid wood floors and engineered wood flooring, in finished and unfinished varieties, how wood hardness is measured, how the wood floors are constructed and general flooring installation issues.

Ceramic Wall Paint - Low VOC and Improved Durability
Ceramic wall paint is a low VOC paint with additional durability benefits

Low VOC Interior Paint and Other Healthy Alternative Paints
Tutorial about alternative interior paints with low VOC's

Healthy Nursery Painting
Paint tips and advice for painting a nursery

How to Baby Proof Your Home
Baby safety products for the home

Repairing a Large Hole in Drywall
This helpful Step-By-Step tutorial will tell you how to repair a large hole in drywall.

Repair a Small Hole in Drywall
A hole in the wall is a common problem caused by doorknobs, kids, toys and other elements of home life. This helpful Step-By-Step tutorial will tell you how to make a quick and easy repair of a small hole in drywall.

All About Paint
Comprehensive overview of interior and exterior paint for the house, what paint is made from and what type of paint to use where.

How to Properly Use a Paint Brush
This tutorial covers the basics of proper paint brush usage

Selection, Care and Storage of a Paint Brush
Successfully painting with a paint brush involves proper preparation and storage of the paint brush described in this tutorial.

How to Paint a Room
Quick tips on the order in which a room's elements should be painted

Repairing Textured Walls: Orange Peel
This tutorial will walk you through numerous ways to repair a damaged orange peel textured wall.

Caulk Like a Pro
Caulking is a home repair task that can be tricky to do in a way that looks good. Most home caulk jobs use too much caulk or apply it unevenly. This tutorial shows you how to easily get professional looking caulk results every time.

How to Select the Right Caulk for the Job
Selecting the correct caulk for your home repair job is important for its success. Learn about the different types of caulk and where they should be used.

Finding a Wood Stud in a Wall
Finding a wood stud in a wall is important for many home repair tasks such as hanging a heavy item on a wall. This tutorial guides you through the steps to locate that elusive stud.

Removing Oil Stains from Concrete
Removing oil stains from your garage floor is easier than you think and helps prolong the life of your floor.

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