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Engineered Wood Flooring Installation 101


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Installation 101: Engineered Wood Flooring (non-floating)

Non-floating engineered wood flooring is either nailed down into a wooden subfloor or glued-down such as when installed over a concrete slab. Non-floating flooring is generally installed with the following steps:
  • Acclimation:
    Place open boxes of the engineered wood flooring in the room where it will be installed for at least 3-4 days so that it may acclimate to the temperature and humidity of the room. If the installation is occurring in a room with new drywall or plaster, the higher humidity of these rooms will require at least 7 days of acclimation. Do not store engineered wood flooring in basements or garages.
  • Remove baseboard trim;
  • Clean, level and prepare subfloor;
  • Trim door molding and casing so flooring slides under molding and casing;
  • Install felt underlayment (nailed installation);
  • Trowel floor adhesive in sections (glue-down installation);
  • Install starter strip at exterior wall using spacer blocks (face nail or glue-down as appropriate);
  • Install strip of flooring and randomly stagger end joints;
  • Toenail subsequent tongue and groove strips using a special power nailing tool or glue-down flooring as appropriate;
  • Snug the tongue and groove strips snug together using a wood tapping block and hammer;
  • Trim and fit as necessary around floor obstructions;
  • Install baseboard trim;
  • Final clean floor.

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