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How to Fix a Loose Doorknob (with set screw)


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How to Fix a Loose Doorknob (with set screw)

A loose doorknob is annoying and looks bad.

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Fixing a Loose Doorknob
It's so frustrating. You reach out to turn a doorknob expecting a door to open and all you get is a spinning doorknob in your hand. So you go ahead and tighten the doorknob set screw and a week later the same problem occurs!

The problem is that the set screw loosened up and is not applying enough pressure against the threaded spindle. This happens as doorknobs age from use. Screws loosen and doorknobs go wonky.

In this tutorial I'll show you an easy way to fix this problem once and for all. All it takes a a special blue compound called a thread-locker and you'll be "wonky" doorknob free.

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