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EXPANDABLE METAL ANCHOR: Hollow Wall - Medium to Heavy Weight Object
expandable hollow wall anchor

Expandable Wall Anchor

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Expandable Metal Wall Anchor
These anchors work very well. They used to always require a pilot hole but now a pointed version is available for smaller diameter anchors. These anchors work similar to a toggle in that they are held in place by pressure on the back side of the wall. However they do it by compressing expanded metal straps that are designed to buckle in a specific manner as the bolt tightens and compresses the umbrella closure.

To install these anchors proceed as follows:

  • If using a pointed self-starting anchor drive the anchor into the wall by hitting it with a hammer and seating it firmly so the tooth prongs bite into the wall.
  • If you have the type that is not pointed on the end, drill a pilot hole in the wall sized as per instructions on the package (depends on anchor body size).
  • Slide the anchor into the wall and tap with a hammer to seat fully.
  • Tighten bolt and draw the umbrella closure tight up against the back of the wall.

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