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Faucet Valve Reseating Tool
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Valve Reseating Tool Smooths Out the Faucet Valve Seat

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Faucet Valve Reseating Tool
Like the faucet valve seat wrench, the valve reseating tool is for use with compression faucets. The valve seat reseating tool is also called a valve seat dresser or a valve seat grinder. It is used to resurface the valve seat in the faucet body if you cannot remove the valve seat or decide not to replace it.

The reseating tool is pretty easy to use. The key is not to use the tool with too much pressure or for too long a period of time or it will wear away too much of the soft metal in the valve seat. If that happens all you can do is replace the faucet.

To use the tool just remove the faucet valve stem assembly. Using the largest grinding attachment that fits into the faucet, insert the seat grinder until it rests on the valve seat in the faucet body. Use only moderate pressure to turn the tool clockwise until the seat is smoothed out and burrs or rough edges are removed. Clean the valve seat with a damp cloth to remove any metal shavings. Reassemble the faucet and turn the faucet on with full pressure for a few minutes to rinse the seat clean.

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