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Curved shower rod installation


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Curved Bathroom Shower Rod
curved shower curtain rod

A curved shower curtain rod is easy to install, gives you more room to shower and is a great inexpensive bathroom upgrade.

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Curved Bathroom Shower Rod

Go to any decent hotel and you'll find curved shower rods. They have worked their way from mainstay hotel applications to a great inexpensive home repair upgrade you can add to your home or apartment.

Showering in a tub has always been a confining experience, but now with the use of curved shower rods you can gain a spacious feeling and not have the curtain liner attack you any more. Curved or crescent shaped shower rods come in either adjustable or fixed length models. Their installation is basically the same, except that with a fixed length rod you have to get the rod ordered or cut to your specific needs. For this tutorial we'll assume you're using an adjustable shower rod since they are more common for home use, easier to install and less expensive.

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Curved Shower Rod Installation Difficulty Level
* Easy

Needed Tools and Materials
* Eye Protection
* Power Drill
* Hammer
* Curved shower rod screw / wall anchor packet that came with the rod
* Screwdriver

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