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Garbage Disposal Repair - Vibration and Noise


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Garbage Disposal: Excessive Vibration
Garbage Disposal Mounting Assembly

Garbage Disposal Mounting Assembly

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If a garbage disposal is filled with food garbage it will vibrate under use. That is normal.

But if it vibrates when you turn it on and it is empty, you have a problem either with a broken impeller creating an unbalanced flywheel or with the mounting bolts being too tight.

Checking for a Broken Impeller

  • Turn off power to the disposal at the electrical service panel.
  • Reach down into the hopper chamber and feel the impellers.
  • Check to make sure both are intact and one is not broken.
  • If they are OK, then restore power to the disposal at the electrical service panel and proceed to check for excessive mounting bracket tightness.
  • If an impeller is broken, replace the garbage disposal unit.
Checking for a Excessive Mounting Bracket Tightness
There is a resilient rubber pad in the mounting assembly that is a vibration absorbing interface between the upper mounting ring and the sink. If the bolts are too tight the rubber gasket will not absorb enough vibration.

  • To make this repair, try loosening the mounting bolts 1/4 to 1/2 of a turn each and then test the garbage disposal.
  • If it continues to vibrate then try loosening the bolts another 1/4 turn.

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