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Water Softeners - How They Work


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Water Softeners - Introduction
Water Softeners - How They Work

Water softeners can come in smaller cabinet style or larger two-tank styles

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Describing how water softeners work often involve words you don't hear very often. Since water softeners do their work largely through chemistry you may hear the words “ion” and “ion exchange” and “resin”.

I’m going to try and make the explanation a lot simpler and straightforward because understanding how water softeners work should not be a mystery or require attending a chemistry class. And since these appliances are important and expensive, understanding how they work is just a good thing to know.

In this tutorial I’ll explain about the water problem softeners treat (hard water) and then describe just what a water softener is anyway. After that I’ll go into a little detail on each of the main components of a water softener so you can understand how they work.

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