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Tools and Materials: Required Equipment for Home Repair

Everything you need for home repair is found right here. Includes a photo gallery of essential home repair tools along with descriptions, tool price ranges and instructions in an easy to understand format.
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  4. Tool Useage Guides (4)

Describes the tool called a sawhorse used to stabilize a work piece.

DeWalt 12v Cordless Drill Review - DC742KA
This product review evaluates the DeWalt DC742KA 12 volt, 3/8" chuck, Cordless Compact Drill / Driver Kit. It has a 120 volt plug-in charger versus the DeWalt DC742VA which uses a 12 volt vehicle charger.

Review: Energizer Hard Case Swivel Head LED Flashlight
This product review evaluates the Energizer® Hard Case® Professional® 2-AA battery Swivel Head high output LED flashlight.

Before You Buy a Random Orbital Sander
Describes the types and features of the random orbital sander.

Staple Gun : A Household and Workshop Necessity
Describes the features and use of a staple gun

Types of Pliers
Describes the types and features of various pliers.

How to Use a Hacksaw
Describes the features and use of a hacksaw.

Choosing and Using a Glue Gun
Describes the features and use of the glue gun

Choosing and Using Wood and Masonry Chisels
Describes wood and masonry chisels and their selection and use.

Choosing the Right Screw for the Job
Describes the varieties of screws and their applications.

Before You Buy a Power Miter Saw
Describes the power miter saw tool

How to Use a Screen Installation Tool
Describes how to use a screen installation tool

Before You Buy a Belt Sander
Describes the Belt Sander tool, both handheld and stationary.

Types of Caulk Guns
Discusses the features of modern dripless caulk guns and difference from ratchet type.

Pliers Essential for Home Repair
Tutorial describes the three basic pliers essential for any home repair tool kit and how to use them.

Hammer Tips
Tips on proper hammer use for including striking and nail preparation.

Hand & Power Tool Descriptions
Photos, descriptions and more on a wide assortment of hand and power tools.

Before You Buy a Crosscut Saw
Article contains information useful before purchasing a crosscut saw such as properties, construction, tips & advice.

Portable Compressed Air Tank
Describes an easy solution and handy tool for portable compressed air in the home or apartment

Home Repair Tutorials
Top tutorial picks for Home Repair including everything from repairing a hole in drywall to cleaning gutters and downspouts.

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