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How to Power Wash a Wood Deck


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Introduction to Power Washing
How to Power Wash a Wood Deck
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Power Washing Your Deck
Guys seem to love equipment that makes noise, is powerful and saves time. A power washer can fit that bill just fine. But it can also ruin your wood deck! Why? Because most people don't use the power washer properly and use it with too high a jet pressure (that's the "power" part) and place the tip too close to the soft wood.

A power washer can be powerful enough to etch brick or gentle enough to wash siding. They come in various sizes, some providing over 4,000 psi (pounds per square inch) of water pressure some only a few hundred, some are run by gas engines, some by small electric motors, they have a variety of pressure wand tips and can handle many different tasks.

Using a power washer to deep clean a wood deck can be done successfully but there a lot of horror stories about a power washer becoming a power etcher when improperly used on wood. The result of improper power washing? Well it can require wood replacement or cause a ruined deck at its worst and require serious sanding at best.

In this tutorial we will review the few key points to successful power washer use on a wood deck:

  • Pressure Selection
  • Tip Selection
  • Power Washing Technique
  • Post Washing Sanding
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